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Who gets spousal maintenance?

Spousal Maintenance

A spousal maintenance payment is a payment made by one party to a marriage or Civil Partnership to the other party. The legal term for such maintenance payments are “periodical payments” and the court can make what is called a periodical payments order in favour of one party. The question…


Starting divorce proceedings UK

How to start divorce proceedings in the UK

Understanding the divorce process and what steps need to be taken is something people hope they will never have to think about but when they do it can cause anxiety and confusion. Where do I start? That’s often the first thought that goes through the mind of someone considering divorce….


Married couples, divorce and the family home

Does it matter that the family home is not jointly owned?

When I take a call from someone who is separating or getting a divorce one of the first concerns they have is does it matter that the family home is not jointly owned? Women in particular, who may not have had much involvement in the marital finances, can feel quite…


How to save time and money on your divorce

Money and time saved

Getting divorced (or un-coupling as some celebs like to refer to it as), does not have to be either an expensive or lengthy exercise. I have been practising as a family lawyer for nearly 20 years so feel fairly confident that I have the experience and expertise to pass on…


Two very real dangers of a DIY divorce

DIY divorce dangers

There appears to be more and more people dealing with their own divorce without first seeking advice from a family lawyer. A 2013 YouGov survey showed that 26% of people involved in divorce had taken the DIY route, with younger people and those in London far more likely to take…


How to make an agreement stick after divorce

I will often speak with a new client who says they have “reached an agreement” with their spouse in relation to how their assets should be divided on separation or divorce. I am told that they both accept that their marriage has broken down and have sat down together to…


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