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Questions divorcing clients are embarrassed to ask

Divorce and family law questions

In my experience as a divorce and family law solicitor I find that people often feel embarrassed asking basic legal questions as they feel that they will look stupid.  I am asked the same questions time and time again and clients should never feel silly asking as it is important…


Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup

Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup

There does appear to have been a spate of high profile divorce battles in the news recently. The one that has really caught my eye this week is that involving Margie Hanley and estranged husband Michael, and their “titanic” struggle over a holiday home in rural Ireland. The Irish couple,…


Should there be more openness in family law cases?

Openness in family law cases – pros and cons

Comedian David Walliams and his ex-wife Lara Stone should be applauded for finally reaching a financial settlement after their divorce. Despite their separation being finalised a year ago, they continued to disagree on the settlement forcing the case into the courts and the spotlight of public scrutiny. However, this week,…


Tips on completing a Form E financial disclosure document

Completing a Form E

A Form E is the compulsory document you are required to fill out if you are making a formal application to the court to sort out financial arrangements during a divorce. Whilst the form is daunting at first glance, most people are able to tackle it. I always suggest that…


Divorce settlements that stick

Form E financial settlement

Agreeing the content of a divorce settlement can often be a challenge and it’s our job as family law solicitors to make sure that our clients come to a financial agreement that serves their interests and is agreed by the other party. To do this it’s important to have full…


How to get a fast divorce in the UK

The idea of a quickie divorce is a myth but there are plenty of things you can do to give your divorce the best chance of going through as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as a quickie divorce in England and Wales. The whole idea, perpetuated by…


Contested divorce explained

The quickest way to get through a divorce and keep costs down is for both sides to agree as much as possible on the way forward and be practical about the details of splitting assets and arrangements for children. This assumes though that both parties actually agree that a divorce…


Confusion over closing family courts

I hear from colleagues that the service they have been getting from family courts recently has been improving. Apparently many had experienced cases taking longer, instances of papers going astray and call centres replacing local court staff as Government rationalisation of the courts service kicked in. This was, of course,…


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