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Bitcoins and PayPal – New Ways of Hiding Assets in Divorce

bitcoins hidden in divorce stacked in front of computer

For divorce lawyers, encountering people trying to hide assets that form part of the matrimonial pot is nothing new. What is new is the in which parties may try and achieve this. In divorce proceedings the courts of England and Wales take a pretty robust approach and require that both…


High Court divorce case confirms all applicants are treated equally

High Court divorce case confirms all applicants are treated equally

Divorce itself is quite simple from a legal point of view. It’s not often that we have lengthy proceedings about whether our country has jurisdiction to deal with a divorce, particularly when both the husband and wife have lived and worked in England for over 20 years and raised their…


Top tips on dealing with assets in an international divorce

Assets - tips on international divorce

With an increase in international marriages and an ever growing number of couples living and working across several countries during their marriage, it pays to understand how to deal with assets that may be based in different countries if you are getting divorced. The importance of divorce jurisdiction The starting…


Is there a political appetite for a Cohabitation Act?

Common law myth

One of the key findings of the Families and Households Survey 2015 is that the fastest growing family type in the UK is the cohabiting couple. This now accounts for 3.2 million families. Many of these families will have children and one of the couple (still most often the female)…


Mediation in family law disputes is utterly pointless

Mediation utterly pointless?

“Mediation is utterly pointless” said one of the callers on a recent Radio 4 Money Box Live programme Ending a Relationship. I had to sympathise with the caller who explained that she’d been to mediation to sort out a financial agreement when she divorced her husband but he was now…


Divorce court: advice on avoiding court in divorce proceedings

Tips for avoiding divorce court

Divorce doesn’t have to go to court, but unless you and your partner are willing to talk, to negotiate and to settle that’s exactly where your family dispute will end up. Top tips for avoiding the divorce courts When your relationship breaks down not only are you dealing with the…


Time for English cohabitation law to come into the 21st century

As the proportion of unmarried couples living together continues to rise isn’t it time for cohabiting couples to be given the same legal rights as marries ones? The office of National Statistics has reviewed the figures from the 2011 Census against the 2001 Census and confirmed that the number of…


Keep talking to your ex during divorce

As an experienced family solicitor I was more than a little surprised how different the skill set is for a mediator, when I trained with Resolution as a family mediator earlier this year. After years of being expected to give out advice and, dare I say it, rather liking the…


The unintentional consequences of equal marriage

Earlier this month peers in the House of Lords backed government plans for same-sex marriages in England and Wales. In the end, the support from the upper house was by more than two votes to one but this political hot potato has not had an easy ride so far on…


It’s not all doom and gloom in children cases

There has been a plethora of sofa interviews and pieces in print about how frequently fathers are being denied access to their children following divorce or separation over the last week or so after the decision not to award any automatic rights to fathers following separation. Everyone seems to be…


Separated parents taking children abroad still a hot topic

I have been following a recent spate of cases where one parent has sought to relocate out of the country following separation or divorce with great interest. It seemed as though we were witnessing a real change of emphasis with more attention being paid to the effect of reduced contact…


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