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Family law reporting: mind your language

Family law reporting mind your language

The language we use around family law shapes how we think about it. This is the very simple rationale behind “custody” changing to “child arrangements” for example is to encourage parents to think of routines and not ownership. In contrast, the entirely justified move to prevent alleged victims of domestic…


Family Law and Fake News

Family law and fake news – divorce solicitor comments

As a family law solicitor, I welcome transparency around the law, including the reporting of family law cases. But I also think journalists have a responsibility to understand the real issues, not just go for the attention-grabbing headlines. Several high-profile cases recently have brought this to the fore. Whilst on…


Unreasonable behaviour in divorce brought into question by recent case

Unreasonable behaviour in divorce

With a flurry of divorce and family law cases recently leaving social media agog, none seems to have caught the attention of lawyers and the general public like the appeal made by a 66-year-old woman against the decision to refuse her a divorce from her husband of nearly 40 years….


What can we do to fill the Dad Gap?

Report calls for a Fatherhood Champion

A shocking report in 2014 revealed that a teenager sitting their GCSEs is more likely to own a smartphone than live with their father. The Fractured Families report, from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), also showed that a million children have no significant contact with their dads. The publication…


Why Cafcass has a vital role to play in divorce and separation

Vital role of Cafcass in divorce

Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service and its role in children proceedings is both to make sure children's voices are heard and that decisions are taken in their best interests (which is not always the same thing – what a child says he or she…


Social media advice for separated couples

Social media and divorce

Social media is an established part of our world now and with live tweeting from Courts, the possibility of service of legal documents via Facebook message and pages and pages of screenshots being submitted in evidence, it is having a profound influence on family law legal proceedings. As a family…


Missing mum custody case caused Twitter furore

Missing mum custody case

The ‘Missing Mum’ case involving Rebecca Minnock who fled with her 3 year old  son in anticipation of a Court decision that the little boy should live not with her but with his father has attracted some lurid headlines and furore on social media in the past week. Quite separate…


A parent is still a parent even after divorce or separation

A parent is still a parent even after divorce or separation

Single parents, absent fathers, parent with care. What’s in a name? I am often surprised at how people expect their status as a parent to change, simply because their relationship status does. Being a partner and a spouse is something that can cease or change depending on the choice of…


Divorce in the UK – is it time for a change?

Divorce history time for a change

The divorce process has come a long way since Henry VIII but it has been in a fairly familiar shape since the 1960s. Does it need change now though to bring it into the 21st Century? Divorce law, its origins and how it affects family solicitors today were three of…


Divorce in history – how much has changed?

Divorce law history

Since divorce was first introduced into English law in the time of Henry VIII there have been some significant changes. Yet people are still often heard to moan about the arcane nature of divorce proceedings. As a divorce and family law specialist, I have often heard clients bemoan the divorce…


Children, implacable hostility and parental alienation

Children, implacable hostility parental alienation

Parenting post separation is undoubtedly a challenge. Physically sharing your children with someone who makes you feel angry, distrustful or impossibly hurt is incredibly difficult. However, in most cases, people can see the importance of their children having a positive and loving relationship with both of their parents and are…


Could conscious uncoupling work for you?

There has been considerable discussion of ‘conscious uncoupling’ in the media over the last few days. Some of it has been earnest, a little has been inspired, and the rest somewhat amused/bemused. This came of course from the announcement from actress Gwyneth Paltrow, via a blog, that her marriage to…


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