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Celebrity divorce in the headlines – is it fair?

Celebrity divorce in the headlines

Jamie and Louise Redknapp may not be at the same level as a power couple as the Beckham’s, but for me they are close. My husband has been obsessed with Louise since her days with Eternal. When we first met he was considering having her band’s name painted on the…


What is shared parenting? Shared parenting in UK law

What is shared parenting in family law

Shared parenting seems to be referred to regularly now in media reports about divorce and separation. In all cases that come before the Courts there will be a desire to do what’s best for the child or children involved, which is often shared care of the child. But what does…


Could you divorce for ‘irreconcilable differences’ like Brad and Angelina?

The end of Brangelina

You would have to live on the moon to have missed the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have parted company, allegedly as a result of Brad’s infidelity. The couple are now apparently to divorce with Angelina being said to have issued divorce proceedings in America citing ‘irreconcilable differences’….


Can I take my children abroad on holiday?

Divorced parents: holidays and taking the children abroad

As thoughts turn to booking a summer holiday I am increasingly approached by potential clients asking me whether or not they are able to take their children away on holiday and whether they need the consent of the other parent.  I view these clients as the enlightened ones who have…


Are celebrities ‘better’ at separation and divorce than the ‘average’ couple?

Celebrity divorce

Divorce and separation amongst the rich and famous is always in the news. We all remember the ‘conscious uncoupling’ of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Not to mention the love, admiration and respect Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith still had for each other after they parted company. But are celebrity…


Grandparents have no automatic rights when it comes to seeing grandchildren

Grandparents rights

Grandparents I speak to are often shocked to learn that in English law grandparents have no automatic rights to see or have contact with their grandchildren. If a parent is refused contact to their child by the other parent then they are entitled automatically to apply to the Court for…


Family law solicitor charging rates and fixed prices

Fixed prices for divorce

The cost of divorce is often in the news, with scare stories of divorce costing tens of thousands of pounds and having a knock on effect on personal finances many years into the future. So it’s understandable that if you talk to a family law solicitor you want to understand…


Parents and ‘shared care’ – what does it really mean?

Shared care of children

Parents who separate are always concerned about the care and welfare of their children. Recent changes means the family courts now put a focus on 'shared care', but what does that really mean? I receive lots of calls from parents who have recently separated and want to know more about…


Adultery and divorce in the UK

Grounds for divorce adultery

Adultery is used less and less often as a reason for divorce in the UK, as the less contentious grounds of unreasonable behaviour and two years separation tend to be used. But this doesn’t mean there aren't some serious concerns from divorcing couples about adultery and the impact it might…


How important is a ‘clean break’ in divorce?

Divorce ends a marriage completely, right? Well, it is the legal ending of a marriage but it’s not the legal severance of financial ties, for that you need a clean break. Having practised in divorce and family law for 20 years, the one aspect of my job which never ceases…


How a no fault divorce could help breaks-ups become more amicable

Divorce law must be reformed to stop confusing messages being sent to families and the myth of American TV series informing their personal decisions – or at least that’s what I think.  This is my first blog for Woolley & Co, having just joined from a well-known firm in Birmingham,…


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