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Technological change long overdue in family law cases

pile of court bundles for the article technological change long overdue in family law cases

As a family law solicitor, it never ceases to amaze me how wasteful the court system is, in more ways than one. Anyone who has attended a hearing at court as part of their family proceedings, will have an idea of just how much paper is generated for those few…


What to consider before buying a property with your unmarried partner

Unmarried couples owning property together – the law

As a family lawyer, I am rarely involved at the start of a relationship when all is going well and people are considering moving in together. Instead, my involvement arises at the point the relationship is breaking down or has broken down. For clients who are not married, one of…


Conflict over different parenting styles

Parenting styles and parents rights

In the wake of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s split — which was reportedly fuelled by disagreement over differing parenting styles – I wonder to what extent this was a key factor in the breakdown of the relationship, or whether it is only now becoming a major issue as a…


4 legal facts all unmarried couples should understand

Unmarried couples lack legal rights

In January of this year, a heterosexual couple lost their court case in which they argued that opposite-sex couples are being subjected to discrimination as, unlike same-sex couples, they do not have the choice to enter into a civil partnership instead of marriage.  At present, same sex couples who wish…


What is a clean break order?

When do you need a clean break order?

We often hear divorcing couples say they want a “clean break”. How many of them however, really understand what is meant legally by “a clean break”?  Having a clean break means that from a date specified in a court Order, neither party to the marriage will be able to make…


Divorce, intestacy rules and the need for a financial agreement

Divorce, intestacy and need for a financial agreement

Getting divorced quickly is often seen as a plus, but not if you fail to sort out the finances as this case study shows. As family law solicitors we deal with people is some very upsetting stages of their life. Divorce itself can be very difficult for many, from an…


Top tips for keeping divorce costs down

Controlling divorce costs

Divorce costs often hit the headlines when we learn that multi-millionaires have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on their divorce. The media regularly make claims about the average divorce cost – including a piece in The Telegraph claiming the average divorcing couple spend £44,000 on their separation. The reality…


Facebook comes to the fore in UK divorce proceedings

Facebook and divorce

Divorce disputes where Facebook posts form part of the evidence seem to be on the rise. Yet more reason to be very careful about what you post on social media, and when. Facebook lesson for divorce judge I was once involved in  a family law hearing where a very senior…


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