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5 important questions to ask a family lawyer before you instruct them

Questions for your family lawyer

Instructing a family lawyer is something you might only do once in your life, so knowing what questions to ask when you first talk to them is very important. I’ve suggested five key questions which are worth asking, to make sure you are getting the best possible, most appropriate service…


Who is entitled to spousal maintenance?

Am I entitled to spousal maintenance

When a couple separate whether one party is entitled to claim spousal maintenance from the other is a common concern. There are several factors that need to be considered: Length of marriage Whether each party is working The age of the parties Who is looking after any children of the…


4 Essential cohabiting couples facts – UK rights

Cohabiting couples property, children and inheritance

More and more couples are choosing to live together rather than marry. Cohabiting couple families are now the fastest growing family type (according to ONS data).  There are now 3.3 million cohabiting couple families in the UK. Unfortunately, many don’t realise their legal rights when it comes to their relationship,…


Is my marriage void or voidable? The devil is in the detail

Is my marriage void or voidable

As a family lawyer for over ten years I have frequently been asked by clients whether they can have an annulment, rather than a divorce. It seems like a simple question, but in order to answer their question I need to get into some legal niceties. In the eyes of…


5 reasons for an expat to divorce in England

5 reasons to divorce in England

When faced with a breakdown of your marriage, things can be complicated enough but if your situation also has an international element, things can be even harder to work through as often there is more than one country that could deal with your divorce. This will affect you if for…


Pre nuptial agreements: does it matter that they are not legally binding?

Pre nup legally binding?

A pre nuptial agreement is an agreement made between parties contemplating marriage, it attempts to regulate what will happen to their finances in the event of a divorce. In the UK however pre nups are not a formal, legally binding document. So are they worth having? Family lawyer Sue Harwood…


International divorce rights: can I divorce in the UK if I married abroad?

International divorce advice

The British courts have become known for international divorce. But getting married in England may not be enough to entitle you to get divorced here if you live abroad now.  I speak to many British nationals living abroad who want to take advantage of the English legal system because their…


Let’s make divorce quick and simple says senior family law judge

Quick and simple divorce: that’s the wish of Sir James Munby, England’s most senior family law judge. He has caused a bit of a stir suggesting consenting couples should be able to divorce easily and simply. This need not involve the courts but could be done via signing the necessary…


Tips for checking credentials of legal services online

I happened upon an interesting discussion on Radio 5 Live the other day about the importance of checking the credentials of legal services you seek out online. The potential for bogus law practitioners making money out of the internet is the same as in any other sector: the unqualified builder…


Understanding international divorce law to decide where’s best to get a divorce

UK has been dubbed the divorce capital of Europe because it is perceived that wives get a good deal here – largely down to the fact that our judges have a lot of discretion on rulings compared to other countries and tend to take all circumstances into account. However, other…


Ex-pat family law problems

You have to be a fairly brave person to move abroad. For some, the trauma of just going on an annual holiday to a different country can almost outweigh the benefits of a week in the sun. The language barrier is daunting for many, not knowing your way around, suspicion…


Four reasons why you must make a clean break

There is no doubt that we are in difficult times. When established  high street and brand names like Kodak and Peacocks are hit by the economic crisis, you know “times are hard”. Consumers are cutting back, making economies. Almost daily on the news there are reports of like for like sales…


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