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£100million settlement for 6 years marriage


The Telegraph reports that there may well soon be a £100million divorce settlement. I don't know if the wife involved is sad or relieved about the actual breakup but, ignoring emotions for a moment, many ordinary people might think "not bad for 6 years of marriage".

There are, though, some interesting issues in the case. They signed a prenuptial agreement before marriage which would have restricted the settlement. She does not propose to keep to it. It will be interesting to see how she tries to get out of it especially as recent Court cases have shown that Courts want them kept to. But, surprisingly, the prenup was signed reportedly at her insistence! That said, her family was more wealthy than him at that time.

Also, she reportedly "stole" many thousands of his personal papers and has been allowed to use them in the divorce settlement part of her case, which is not what we'd normally expect.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce lawyer

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