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Adapt or die. Tescos law


Soon just about anybody will be able to offer legal services and most people refer to this as Tesco Law as the supermarket is said to be likely to offer law. And why shouldn't you be able to get your divorce along with your tins of baked beans?

Many lawyers are muttering on about getting advice on LLPs, "we can compete with Tescos what do they know about law?",  we will get a new website, "we're getting a marketing chap in" and other such meanderings.


Most law firms are unbeatable when it comes to legal skill and knowledge. Tesco won't compete on that, they are not stupid. They will aim to give excellent customer service, flexibility and ease of access. Most law firms, I'd say about 90%, have no hope of competing with that as their customer care is appalling.

Some may be surprised to see me, a lawyer after all, saying this apparently about my own firm. Is our customer care good enough? No, it isn't and I am determined it never will be in my eyes. But I'm told that attitude puts us way ahead of most law firms immediately as we know and care about the issue and are striving for perfection. We'll never get there, of course, but "if you aim for the moon, you'll land amongst the stars"!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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