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Family Law Blog : November 2012

Comment on divorce & family law 

Pensions still not on divorce agenda

Only 15 per cent of divorced women say that pensions featured in their settlement, according to new research. 15 per cent! That’s shocking. We know that sorting out the finances can be the most complicated part of any settlement on divorce but I have to admit to being surprised that so many people are still simply not considering any pension pot as an asset on which both parties have a claim.The eighth annual Scottish Widows Women and Pensions Report,...

Family, business and divorce

People involved in their own business can spend too much time worrying about losing it all in the event of a divorce. Undoubtedly, a going concern is an asset that needs to be taken into account when reaching a financial settlement between the two parties. However, this can be approached in a number of ways. These days, it is less likely that a court would want to break up a business to settle a divorce. It could, after all, be...

More men staying single after divorce

It appears that it is men, rather than women, who find it more difficult to get back into a relationship after divorce and so are more likely to go through middle-age and later life alone.Almost 2.5 million people in the UK, aged 45 to 64 have their own home but no spouse, partner or children living with them – up 50 per cent since the mid-1990s, according to new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).So why is it men...

Putting children first in family break-up

Putting children first in family break-up.

In the first of an occasional series, we are inviting a guest blogger to post their thoughts on a family law issue of their choice. Here, Bob Greig, of Only Dads, talks about the importance of a “children first” approach, not just in law, but in life.The 1989 Children Act encapsulates an ethic that needs to be at the very heart of the work of all professionals involved in the family justice system – but I think the...


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