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Family Law Blog : December 2012

Comment on divorce & family law 

Gay marriage storm no good for anyone

Who’d have thought gay marriage would cause such a storm? That’s right. All of us. Any politician who thought this was going to be a quietly applauded move – attempting to legalise gay marriage in church that is – is naïve or misguided. However, the ongoing issue reached soap-opera levels of drama recently.Prime Minster David Cameron first announced that gay marriage would be legalised but religions opposed to it would not be forced...

Collaborative law gives control in family law

A change is a good a rest, they say. And I have certainly made a change. I have the honour of being Woolley & Co’s most recent appointment to the growing firm. And so far, touch wood, all is good.It’s the change to the routine that has baffled me so far. Being home-based rather than in a high street office is a bit strange. I am not sat next to anybody but I get all...

Is ‘Sorting Out Separation’ the answer?

So what do you think? The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a smartphone and web app to help the 300,000 families undergoing separation in the UK each year.It pledges to offer parents tailored advice on where they can access support while going through a break-up: financial, legal and emotional. It comes on the back of a specially-commissioned poll that shows more than half of separated parents find it difficult to track down the support they need.It...

Divorce does not have to be expensive

I know this a topic we have visited a few times recently but a report last week gave a new take on it. The fact that more older people are getting divorces – silver separations or silver splitters as they have been dubbed – is not news.More than 11,500 over-60s were granted a divorce in 2009 – a leap of 4 per cent in two years. By 2010, the latest figures available, the splitting 60s had shot up to 14,564.We have previously...


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