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Family Law Blog : March 2013

Comment on divorce & family law 

Holidays, children, parents, divorce and responsibility

Holiday times are not always good times. By holidays, I do not mean sandy beaches, sangria and swimming, on this occasion, but rather when the children are off school and families are able to spend more time together as parents have a few days off work.With Easter upon us, that time is here again and it is not going to be easy for everyone, particularly younger children whose parents are separated or divorced. But there are things that parents...

Divorce in a weekend

Our European neighbours have arranged quite a few things that many of us in the UK would find to be impossible or even illegal. Drugs, death and now it seems “divorce in a weekend”.Last year we read and blogged (The Real Heartbreak Hotel) about an initiative in the Netherlands where a divorce hotel was being set up. I now gather the concept is on its way to the US and true to form it’s being...

Don’t vent divorce anger on social media!

The fact that you are reading this blog probably means you are familiar with social media. It is possible you came straight to the Woolley & Co website, saw mention of a blog and decided to drop in, but it is more likely you were signposted here. That may have been from our Facebook status update. It may have been via Twitter. We find the blog a useful medium for talking about family law issues. It is a relaxed format...

Understanding international divorce law to decide where’s best to get a divorce

Understanding international divorce law to decide where’s best to get a divorce.

UK has been dubbed the divorce capital of Europe because it is perceived that wives get a good deal here – largely down to the fact that our judges have a lot of discretion on rulings compared to other countries and tend to take all circumstances into account. However, other countries are also burdened with certain rules when it comes to divorce – some for better and some for worse.For instance, in Sweden, men appear to have an advantage...


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