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Family Law Blog : June 2013

Comment on divorce & family law 

The unintentional consequences of equal marriage

Earlier this month peers in the House of Lords backed government plans for same-sex marriages in England and Wales. In the end, the support from the upper house was by more than two votes to one but this political hot potato has not had an easy ride so far on the road to legislation. It has split the parties, brought opposing views from within the church and allowed activists of all shapes and sizes to get on their soapboxes to...

Preparing to tell your husband or wife that you want a divorce

Divorce - telling your spouse.

The decision to leave a marriage is not an easy one. How to explain your position to your husband or wife is often more harrowing than coming to the realisation that your marriage is over.For the party "leaving" the marriage, here are some suggestions for preparing to tell your spouse that you want a divorce. These tips are designed to minimise the distress caused to both parties and encourage the continuation of a civil relationship through the divorce process....

Quick divorce promises mislead

A few years ago, it was novel for a family law firm to have a significant presence on the internet, eg a useful website. In that respect, Woolley & Co was ahead of its time. I don’t say that in any boastful way, but it was a fact. We felt the best way to be transparent on pricing, offer helpful advice and reach clients in a new way was to use emerging technology, as it was in 1996.We...

Reaching a financial settlement on divorce

The devil is in the detail. Never is this phrase so true as when drawing up a financial settlement as part of a divorce. The financial settlement, enshrined in a Consent Order from the court, can cover a huge range of issues, such as what will happen to any property, pension entitlement, how the bank accounts are divided up and what happens to any savings. And it is perhaps because people are focused on these big picture items that they...

Divorce and separation: coping with different routines and rules

Rachel Tonkin of Family Lives continues the theme from earlier guest blogs about putting the needs of children first. This time it’s tips and ideas for setting routines and rules agreed by both parents.After divorcing or separating from your partner, you may find that you have different ways of doing things and different ideas about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Most children can manage new rules in different places, as long as you...


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