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Family Law Blog : September 2013

Comment on divorce & family law 

Five tips for getting a good divorce

The concept of a good divorce may at first seem contradictory. Divorce is not a good thing for anyone. It is the culmination of a relationship breakdown that is likely to involve moving house, starting a new life and relationships with children, family and friends changing dramatically. There is a significant emotional toll and can cause financial issues also for some if they do not do their best to keep down the cost of the process.For some though it...

Young fathers worst hit by changes in family law

The impact of the removal of Legal Aid in most family law cases – notably divorce – is having far-reaching consequences, as we have regularly discussed in this blog. However, what is emerging is just how much it is affecting young parents and, particularly, young dads struggling to get the right advice to steer them towards a workable, long term solution to their relationship troubles, and most importantly their relationship with their children.Unless young parents have good family and...

Contact order enforcement: is it as bad as people think?

If parents can’t agree about where their children live when they split up, or on the contact arrangements surrounding the absent parent, the courts can decide the detail to be included in a contact order. However, despite the horror stories you hear about ex-partners fighting over every detail of both financial settlement and the arrangements around children, only 10% of separated parents need to use the courts to reach agreement – and only 10% of those have serious enforcement issues...

Tips for protecting your wealth when you marry or move in together

Tips for protecting your wealth when you marry or move in together.

Usually, when you get married or move in together, there are many things on your mind other than safeguarding your wealth for the long-term. If you are getting married, there will be so much to organise and so many exciting things going on, that it often just isn’t on the agenda. If you are moving in, it may be the first step to a lifetime together. There’s a new place, new things to buy and spending...


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