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Family Law Blog : February 2014

Comment on divorce & family law 

Why cutting out solicitors may cost you on your divorce

Why cutting out solicitors may cost you on your divorce.

I read with interest a piece in the press last week about how one woman claimed to have halved the price of her divorce by cutting out solicitors. I then read it a second time and felt I simply have to respond.You are going to cut some cost from your divorce (in the short-term) if you do not use a solicitor. In the same way, you will cut money on car maintenance if you do it yourself and don...

Tips for checking credentials of legal services online

I happened upon an interesting discussion on Radio 5 Live the other day about the importance of checking the credentials of legal services you seek out online. The potential for bogus law practitioners making money out of the internet is the same as in any other sector: the unqualified builder who makes a mess of your house, the untrained accountant who messes up your tax return, and the like.The internet is a wonderful thing because of the universal (almost) free...

Contested divorce explained

The quickest way to get through a divorce and keep costs down is for both sides to agree as much as possible on the way forward and be practical about the details of splitting assets and arrangements for children. This assumes though that both parties actually agree that a divorce is the right way forward and the reasons for this are valid.If this is the case the process of divorce is fairly straight-forward, as explained on our How to...

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?.

I have been trying to highlight the difficulties for unmarried couples for too long now and still I am amazed and infuriated by the general misunderstanding of common law husband or wife.I was recently contacted by an elderly gentleman who had been with his partner for some 21 years in a property owned solely in her name. His partner had suffered a fall and was having a long stay in hospital. Her son had adopted the “I'm in...

How technology can help divorce

I saw two reports recently of family courts using Skype technology to link judges to people in remote locations. These made me think again about how slow our legal system is in embracing modern methods of working.Both cases involve family law issues and show an encouraging direction of travel. In the first, the court used Skype to contact the parents of a Nepalese child who was being adopted. The court was able to watch a solicitor on the ground...


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