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Family Law Blog : June 2014

Comment on divorce & family law 

How important is a ‘clean break’ in divorce?

Divorce ends a marriage completely, right? Well, it is the legal ending of a marriage but it’s not the legal severance of financial ties, for that you need a clean break.

Top tips on how to protect a farm in a divorce

As a family law solicitor working in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire I have been advising farmers and their families for many years, so I have a good understanding of the particular difficulties presented by divorce cases where a family farm is involved. And let me tell you, these cases can be very tricky. Just think about it – not only are the couple separating, but potentially the wider family (parents, siblings and, of course, children) could all be directly affected by a badly arranged financial settlement, particularly if it results in the farm having to be sold or divided in some way.

Do I need a lawyer to sort out arrangements for my children?

Do I need a lawyer to sort out arrangements for my children?.

The family court system is being put under immense pressure by children. Well, when I say children, it is actually their parents increasingly representing themselves in cases connected to divorce and addressing where the offspring will live and when they will have contact with the absent parent. Their lack of knowledge about the process or familiarity with court proceedings is, essentially, clogging up the system, costing everyone time and money. 

How a no fault divorce could help breaks-ups become more amicable

Divorce law must be reformed to stop confusing messages being sent to families and the myth of American TV series informing their personal decisions – or at least that’s what I think. This is my first blog for Woolley & Co, having just joined from a well-known firm in Birmingham, so I thought I would announce my arrival with a bit of volume! In my opinion, a no fault divorce would help make divorce less confrontational and...

There is no such thing as common law marriage

There is no such thing as common law marriage.

I spend a lot of time talking with couples who have chosen not to marry. This can be through preparing documents to regulate their ownership of a property when they have made unequal investments, or when they want to protect their respective interests. It can also be when they are separating, working to reach an amicable agreement over any joint property and settling arrangements for their children. I make no judgment on why they chose not to marry: it...


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