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Family Law Blog : November 2014

Comment on divorce & family law 

Family arbitration - the modern way to resolve divorce disputes

Arbitration in divorce.

With the current focus on ways to keep family law cases out of court maybe we should all be taking a closer look at arbitration and as family lawyers making sure our clients understand this alternative.

Divorce mediation - how does it work?

Family mediation is a way of resolving disputes when a couple divorce or separate. Mediation is only necessary where the couple cannot come to an agreement, either by themselves or with the help of a family law solicitor.Family mediation is often very useful in helping couples come to an agreement about the parenting of their children, who they will live with (residence) and when the other parent will see them (contact). Family mediation is not compulsory, although from ...

What is the best divorce advice you can give a friend?

What is the best divorce advice you can give a friend?.

There is all sorts of advice bandied around for those embarking on a divorce but what is the key thing divorce lawyers would say if they were asked for advice by a friend?

New videos make divorce advice more accessible

Trying to stay connected with clients and offer useful advice in an innovative way remains a challenge and has led to a whole new suite of short video advice clips available via the Woolley & Co website.

Parents turn their backs on lawyers in family law cases

Parents turn their backs on lawyers in family law cases.

A recent report highlights the fact that fewer and fewer parents are being represented in cases concerning their children. But what is the true impact of this change.


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