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Family Law Blog : May 2015

Comment on divorce & family law 

Spousal maintenance – good, bad, or just plain ugly?

Spousal maintenance.

Moving on from our recent blog Maintenance – how much do I need? in which we considered how “needs” might be determined when working out spousal maintenance, maybe what we should really ask is – should maintenance be payable at all?

Family law solicitor charging rates and fixed prices

Fixed prices for divorce.

The cost of divorce is often in the news, with scare stories of divorce costing tens of thousands of pounds and having a knock on effect on personal finances many years into the future. So it’s understandable that if you talk to a family law solicitor you want to understand exactly how much things are going to charge, and ideally want a fixed price for the work to be undertaken.

Divorce makes financial settlement binding

Divorce financial settlement.

As a divorce solicitor I speak daily to people who have already or are about to separate. For the vast majority their anxieties rest around their financial position. They want to get everything sorted financially and the last thing they want to discuss or even think about is taking what seems the dramatic step of issuing divorce proceedings. As an experienced family lawyer I have to offer them the best possible advice and explain their options so I find myself saying the same things each time – and that is that to get a legally binding financial agreement you need to start the divorce process.

Parents and ‘shared care’ – what does it really mean?

Shared care of children.

Parents who separate are always concerned about the care and welfare of their children. Recent changes means the family courts now put a focus on 'shared care', but what does that really mean? I receive lots of calls from parents who have recently separated and want to know more about 'shared care' which they have read about in the press or heard about from a friend.

Maintenance on divorce – how much do I need?

Maintenance - how much do I need?.

The calculation of maintenance on divorce – whether there should be any at all, and if there should, how much and how long for – has long been a thorny issue of debate in family law. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a divorce maintenance calculator in the UK, so anyone looking to secure fair maintenance on divorce, or facing a claim for maintenance, will need specialist advice from a family lawyer and I’ll explain why in this blog.


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