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Family Law Blog : September 2015

Comment on divorce & family law 

Tips on completing a Form E financial disclosure document

Completing a Form E.

A Form E is the compulsory document you are required to fill out if you are making a formal application to the court to sort out financial arrangements during a divorce.

Whilst the form is daunting at first glance, most people are able to tackle it. I always suggest that clients do it in small chunks, rather than trying to complete the whole form in one go.

Honesty is the best policy in divorce

Divorce finances honesty best.

The recent case of Joy v Joy – Morancho and others reminds us once again that a full, frank and honest disclosure of your financial circumstances must be provided to one another and to the court before financial claims can be either negotiated upon or decided by the court. In this case the court took a hard line against the husband when it became apparent that he had lied to the court about the true extent of his assets and had set out with the deliberate intention of concealing the truth of his situation. The judge in the case, Sir Peter Singer, ordered that the husband should pay the wife’s costs for proceedings since 1st May 2013 amounting to approximately £334,000 to be paid within fourteen days stating that such an order was no less than the conduct deserved.

Can Radio 4’s The Archers help more people spot the signs of domestic abuse?

BBC Archers storyline - Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control.

For the regular readers of our blog, you may recall I questioned in January (Family relationships in The Archers) whether the relationship between Rob and Helen in Radio 4’s The Archers was showing the hallmarks of domestic abuse, and specifically, of coercive control.

Why can’t we co-parent?

Co-parenting after divorce.

Co-parenting seems to be one of those latest buzz word that is pretty irrelevant to most couples – until that is they separate or divorce. Once a family is divided, by the fact that the two parents live apart, co-parenting takes on a whole new dimension and create so many challenges. Unfortunately I see the fall out when parents fail to agree about how they co-parent and it does make me wonder, what makes co-parenting so difficult?


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