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Family Law Blog : August 2016

Comment on divorce & family law 

How could Brexit affect divorce in the UK?

How could Brexit affect divorce in the UK?.

Uncertainty around many things in Britain is still high after our historic vote to leave Europe. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the language of Brexit borrowing heavily from divorce and what the architects of the change could learn from us family law specialists.

Will I lose my family home if we divorce?

I don't want to lose my home.

As a family law solicitor for almost 30 years the most common question I am asked when I first speak to a client is “Will I lose my family home?” Clearly this is one of the most pressing concerns for people when it comes to separation and divorce and that is understandable. The family home is a treasured possession. Often the family have lived there for years, the children have grown up there and it’s a comfortable and familiar environment. 

Valuing your financial assets when you divorce

Valuation assets on divorce.

Divorcing couples often find reaching a financial settlement the most challenging part of the divorce process. And sometimes this is because they really don’t know where to start. Well-meaning advice from friends, misconceptions from the media and personal beliefs of what is ‘right’ and ‘fair’ can get in the way of finalising a financial agreement. 

Is there any such thing as a ‘good divorce’?

Good divorce - is there such a thing?.

One without lawyers I hear you say. At first thought you may be right, but let's have a look at that statement in closer detail. What is a good divorce and is one achievable? How can you dance with your ex at your daughter's wedding and even be there together at the top table? 

Brexit and the language of divorce

Brexit: The UK's divorce from Europe.

From the minute the referendum result was in, the language of Brexit has borrowed heavily from divorce. The EU Commissioner Jean Claude Juncker said very early on that Britain’s split from Europe “would not be an amicable divorce”. He went on, though, to say that the relationship had been having troubles for some time, suggesting “it was not exactly a tight affair anyway”.


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