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Family Law Blog : October 2016

Comment on divorce & family law 

Turing pardons and consent to end a marriage

Grounds for divorce focus on blame.

In light of the recent so called Turing pardons I wonder whether the Government will look again at another arcane element of our legal system, divorce law?

I read with delight that the Government has announced there shall be pardons, including posthumously, for conviction over consensual same-sex relationships before homosexuality was decriminalised throughout the UK, in 1982. I was quite shocked that this would be 65,000 pardons, for whom 15,000 men are still alive: how backwards did our recent society used to be? It seemed to me this was in Oscar Wilde’s time, not as recent as the 70s.

Arbitration in Children Cases UK

Arbitration in children.

When parents separate they will need to resolve issues about where the children should live, time spent with each parent and other family members, schooling etc. When parents disagree there are a number of ways of solving the issues. It used to be either via mediation and if that didn’t work out then as a last resort an application is made to the Family Court. However, since July of this year Family Arbitration has been available as an alternative route.

Why you should take advice, for the sake of your children

Take advice for the sake of your children.

When people are asked what matters to them, the majority say, again and again, their family, and their children most of all. And yet in the face of a failed marriage it is often that most precious child or children that pay the price of the parents feeling that the situation is unfair.


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