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Family Law Blog : September 2017

Comment on divorce & family law 

Celebrity divorce in the headlines – is it fair?

Celebrity divorce in the headlines.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp may not be at the same level as a power couple as the Beckham’s, but for me they are close. My husband has been obsessed with Louise since her days with Eternal. When we first met he was considering having her band’s name painted on the side of his first car! Needless to say, the Redknapp marriage is a big deal in my house.

Doing your own Divorce -  Can I go it alone?

Divorce can I go it alone?.

As a family lawyer one question I have been asked many times over the years is ‘can I deal with the divorce proceedings myself?’ The answer to this question is of course yes. Anyone who has sufficient time, a brief background of the process and an ability to complete forms accurately could complete their own divorce petition and lodge the proceedings with the court.

Family Law and Fake News

Family law and fake news – divorce solicitor comments.

As a family law solicitor, I welcome transparency around the law, including the reporting of family law cases. But I also think journalists have a responsibility to understand the real issues, not just go for the attention-grabbing headlines. Several high-profile cases recently have brought this to the fore.

Five things to consider when dissolving a civil partnership

Dissolving A Civil Partnership.

Dissolving civil partnerships is in many ways no different to the process of divorce, however, there are still some nuances. The legal system has taken massive strides forwards in terms of equality when dealing with same-sex couples in the last few years. The changes ensure that all enjoy the same rights, something that is still not the case in many other countries.

Do Archers Justin and Lilian need a pre nup?

Prenuptial agreement.

The question of whether Justin and Lilian need a prenuptial agreement is one on the minds of any Archers fan who also happens to be a divorce lawyer! I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the Radio 4 soap The Archers. Over the years, the script writers have dealt with some very serious topics not least the legal aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown.


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