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Family Law Blog : January 2019

Comment on divorce & family law 

5 things you should know about the 5 stages of grief when separating

divorcing woman grieving.

When faced with a crisis such as a divorce or separation, many people suffer loss and grief and struggle to cope. They may refuse to talk about the difficult issues that need to be sorted out. They may be in complete denial about the realities of their situation. It may be hard to tell friends and family as this makes it all too real and they may well experience prolonger grief after divorce.

Separating with Children – 101 answers

Separating with Children Only Mums Only Dads Book.

Being a family law specialist in the 21st Century is more than just giving legal advice. There is a wider sphere of responsibility we feel and we are always looking for where we can create additional value.

For us, this means a lot of time spent creating useful resources which we offer free on our website. This ranges from blogs and articles often based on common questions, to videos walking people through the legal processes related to divorce.


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