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Family Law Blog written by Abby Smith

Comment on divorce & family law 

Equal family law rights for all couples

Marriage civil partnerships and cohabitation rights.

With a new Government in place, albeit one preoccupied with Brexit and unforeseen tragic events, is now the time to put more emphasis on equality in family law? We have marriage and civil partnerships for same sex couples, but what about the rights of cohabiting couples, and the rights of heterosexual couples to have a civil partnership instead of getting married?

Special occasions for separated parents

Special occasions for separated parents.

When parents separate one of the main issues of conflict relates to arrangements for the children.  I am often contacted by distressed parents who are unable to reach an agreement with their former partner as to the weekly arrangements for their children And, often disputes flare up around annual events such as birthday’s, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, the summer holidays and Christmas.

Divorce mortgages – can they help divorcing couples?

Can divorce mortgages help divorcing couples?.

‘Divorce mortgages’ hit the headlines in recent weeks as banks and mortgage lenders put forward ideas for new ways a divorcing couple may be able to borrow money to “buy-out” the other and hold on to the family home themselves. A so called “divorce mortgage” is an innovative idea on how lenders might package their products with repayment being made at the end of the term instead of in monthly instalments. How much interest would be charged is yet unknown. 

Reaching agreement to see your children when you separate

The law encourages co-parenting .

As a family lawyer I am often contacted by distressed parents who are unable to reach an agreement with their former partner as to the arrangements for their children. Clients often feel they have lost the ability to be an equal parent because they are no longer living in the same home as their children. Some parents who have the children living with them, start to believe they can make all the decisions and control the situation regardless of what the other parent says or wants.  

10 divorce myths we must dispel

10 divorce myths.

Divorce is now so commonplace in modern society that many people believe it to be simple and uncomplicated, actually for a divorce lawyer like myself it is, but for the lay-person matrimonial law is not always easy to understand which has caused many popular misconceptions and myths. Whilst you might think these myths are harmless and misunderstandings have no consequence that isn’t always the case.

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