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Family Law Blog written by Karen Agnew-Griffith

Comment on divorce & family law 

Is it possible to divorce someone more than once?

marriage certificate and scissors for article can you divorce the same person more than once.

How many times can you be divorced from the same person? As many times as you marry them is the honest answer. Just ask Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

But if you only marry a person once, you can only be divorced once? True or false?

Arbitration in family law – a private judge to settle disputes about your children

children sat with parents by the river for the artcile Arbitration in family law – a private judge to settle disputes about your.

I keep hearing that our court system is broken or on the verge of collapse. I have to say I am inclined to agree.

Last year I went to court with a client about the arrangements for his children.  One of the issues was a holiday abroad in the school holidays.  He wanted to take the children and the mother was saying No.

Be aware of potential problems when travelling abroad with your children

Separated parents travelling abroad with children.

In my many years as a family lawyer I have had many requests for help by a separated parent, to take a child abroad on holiday, or for a longer stay. Such requests can usually be resolved often by the simple expediency of providing all the necessary information to the other parent such as flight details, dates of travel, accommodation details at the holiday destination and an emergency number. Most parents will not want to deprive their child of a holiday even if they feel they have other grievances with their ex.

Why you should take advice, for the sake of your children

Take advice for the sake of your children.

When people are asked what matters to them, the majority say, again and again, their family, and their children most of all. And yet in the face of a failed marriage it is often that most precious child or children that pay the price of the parents feeling that the situation is unfair.

Divorce in later life: what do you really need to know?

Divorce and older people.

We blogged earlier in the year about the challenges for older people going through divorce and it sparked some healthy debate with colleagues about what is the key advice we need to give to the older generation. We know from the statistics that there is a rise in older couples splitting up – silver divorce as it is termed. 


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