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Family Law Blog written by Luci Larkin

Comment on divorce & family law 

The pros and cons of involving children in family law proceedings

Children in English Family Court cases.

The debate about whether children should have a voice in cases which decide their future was recently reignited. The BBC reported (Should children be heard in English family court cases?) that some children and campaigners supported by some senior family law judges wanted to see a change in the law to allow children to speak to the judge in their case, if they so choose.

Marriage and divorce in later life

Divorce and marriage later in life on the rise .

As a family lawyer the work that you do changes with the times. The biggest change I’ve noticed in recent years is that I have seen a significant increase in divorce by more mature clients. A recent report in The Telegraph which talked about the rise in women over the age of 65 getting married to avoid spending a long retirement alone highlights...

Valuing your financial assets when you divorce

Valuation assets on divorce.

Divorcing couples often find reaching a financial settlement the most challenging part of the divorce process. And sometimes this is because they really don’t know where to start. Well-meaning advice from friends, misconceptions from the media and personal beliefs of what is ‘right’ and ‘fair’ can get in the way of finalising a financial agreement. 

5 questions to ask before agreeing a financial settlement

Divorce financial settlement – 5 key questions.

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce or separation one area that is likely to be of considerable concern to you is the financial side of things. In short are you going to be able to manage independently from your ex?

So, what are the top 5 financial questions to consider before you sign on the dotted line?

Telling the children you plan to divorce

Telling the children you plan to divorce.

Making the decision to divorce can be difficult, for those with children it is often even more so. You need to consider how you will tell the children, how they will react and how you can minimise the impact upon them. As family law solicitors we see the consequences of parents getting this right, and unfortunately the impacts when they get it wrong. There are no set rules and there is no set formula on how to tell your children you intend to separate. If however you know it’s going to happen, you need to think about how to break the news to them given your own particular circumstances and the age of your children.  


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