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Comment on divorce & family law 

Creating a binding pre-nuptial agreement

How to create a binding prenuptial agreement.

The number of enquiries Woolley & Co receive about pre-nuptial agreements has risen sharply in the last 12 months. Maybe the message is getting through that understanding the full legal implications of your marriage and putting in place measures in case things don’t work out is a sensible part of wedding planning.

Do same-sex couples have equality before the law?

Equal marriage.

Heterosexual and same-sex couples can now marry equally under English law, but do they have the same legal rights? This guest blog from Rebecca Rothwell of barristers’ chambers 36 Bedford Row provides the answers.

How to do the right thing for your children in divorce

Divorce Solicitors & Family Lawyers at Woolley & Co.

We have spent the last two weeks encouraging people to put Children First in divorce. In a final blog of this dedicated campaign, our lawyers list some of their key advice from years of experience of helping families through separation.

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?.

I have been trying to highlight the difficulties for unmarried couples for too long now and still I am amazed and infuriated by the general misunderstanding of common law husband or wife.I was recently contacted by an elderly gentleman who had been with his partner for some 21 years in a property owned solely in her name. His partner had suffered a fall and was having a long stay in hospital. Her son had adopted the “I'm in...

A quick A to Z of divorce in the UK

On a wet and windy Wednesday, the team in the office decided it would be a good challenge to come up with a dictionary of divorce, essentially an A-Z of common divorce terms. Although we started it as a bit of a joke we realised that although some of the terms are ones we’re very familiar with and come up almost every day in our work, they may not be commonly understood by others. Part of the...

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