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Family Law Blog : Expat divorce

Comment on divorce & family law 

How could Brexit affect divorce in the UK?

How could Brexit affect divorce in the UK?.

Uncertainty around many things in Britain is still high after our historic vote to leave Europe. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the language of Brexit borrowing heavily from divorce and what the architects of the change could learn from us family law specialists.

Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult

Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult.

The world is getting much smaller these days and there are an increasing number of British ex pats living and working abroad. Despite the attractions and delights of foreign countries and the often much improved weather, sadly this does not mean problems in a couples’ marriage are avoided. In fact, it can often be the case that adjusting to a new culture and living far away from family and friends starts the downwards spiral towards separation and ultimately divorce.

Top tips on dealing with assets in an international divorce

Assets - tips on international divorce.

With an increase in international marriages and an ever growing number of couples living and working across several countries during their marriage, it pays to understand how to deal with assets that may be based in different countries if you are getting divorced.

Expat confusion over where to divorce

Expat divorce the options.

In a time when both international families and divorce are on the increase, I very often receive calls from clients who live out of the UK asking whether they can use the English court system to start divorce proceedings. I am often not the first lawyer they have consulted and too often they have received conflicting information. They are unsurprisingly very confused and frustrated in relation to the lack of information and indeed knowledge from the family law profession.  ...

5 reasons for an expat to divorce in England

5 reasons to divorce in England.

When faced with a breakdown of your marriage, things can be complicated enough but if your situation also has an international element, things can be even harder to work through as often there is more than one country that could deal with your divorce.


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