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Family Law Blog : Guest blogs

Comment on divorce & family law 

Do same-sex couples have equality before the law?

Equal marriage.

Heterosexual and same-sex couples can now marry equally under English law, but do they have the same legal rights? This guest blog from Rebecca Rothwell of barristers’ chambers 36 Bedford Row provides the answers.

A parent is still a parent even after divorce or separation

A parent is still a parent even after divorce or separation.

Single parents, absent fathers, parent with care. What’s in a name?

I am often surprised at how people expect their status as a parent to change, simply because their relationship status does. Being a partner and a spouse is something that can cease or change depending on the choice of one or both parties. Parenthood is, of course, for life.

Divorce and separation: coping with different routines and rules

Rachel Tonkin of Family Lives continues the theme from earlier guest blogs about putting the needs of children first. This time it’s tips and ideas for setting routines and rules agreed by both parents.After divorcing or separating from your partner, you may find that you have different ways of doing things and different ideas about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Most children can manage new rules in different places, as long as you...

Changes to child support rules

In this Guest Blog Michelle Counley of NACSA helps to unravel some of the changes taking place in child maintenance payments.The Child Support Agency has a troubled history and parents, along with taxpayers throughout the UK, have suffered financially as a result. So I’m sure many people will agree that any news of changes to enhance the system are a good thing. Don’t get too excited though. For now, the only people affected will be...

Children’s needs during divorce or separation

In the second of our guest blogs, in which we invite others to post their thoughts on family law issues, Rachel Tonkin of Family Lives continues the theme from our previous guest blog about putting the needs of children first when going through a divorce or separation. These tips could be invaluable reading for any parent facing divorce.Keep to a routine Whether you are going through a temporary separation or divorce with your partner it may all feel a...


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