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Christmas wishes from a family lawyer


Christmas wishes from a family lawyer.

Dear Santa,

You will probably remember me as the little kid that got on your knee 40 years ago and told you that I had been advised by my lawyer that I did not have to answer whether I had been naughty or not. Guess what I am now a lawyer working in a family law practice.

It is an interesting job. I have had some great cases to work on over the years. I once had to argue over a dog and whether there should be access rights to seeing it at weekends. The parties loved that dog so much and what’s more they were happy to pay for a judge to decide. On another case the judge decided to flip a coin to decide where the remaining six contents of a house should go. I have never seen that done before or since. Again it cost them a lot of money to get to that point.

Nowadays we family lawyers recommend that couples try to avoid going to court to settle their differences, if possible. We will try and negotiate an agreement between the parties or suggest family mediation to resolve their problems before they even consider court proceedings. Any form of alternative dispute resolution is a good idea and can take the heat out of a situation before it gets too far. The good news is that mediation can deal with all matters not just finances but issues in respect of children. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not.

All the lawyers in my firm are members of Resolution which encourages an amicable approach to matters, even those that go to court. It is good though when clients can sort things out amicably. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy but that may be the Prosecco.

As for my list this year and I have been a good girl, I would like the following:

  1. An “I’m Grilling a Witness” apron and
  2. The “All you need is love… and a good lawyer” framed print.

On a more serious note I hope that couples struggling with their relationships find a way to cope over the Christmas period and separated families still manage to experience the joys of the festive season.

Hope you and Mrs Claus are keeping well and look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Davies
Family lawyer, Ludlow


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Flipping brilliant Liz!  Brought a wry smile to my face.
Thank you.

By Karen Agnew-Griffith on Thursday December 21, 2017

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