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D Day for action on Divorce?

D Day has come to mean something different from the traditional understanding.

Instead of the anniversary of a war-winning invasion in June each year, the first working day of January when we draw a line under the holiday celebrations is now “officially” known as D Day – or divorce day. More people begin divorce proceedings on this day than any other.

Research has shown this to be the case, and it is a sad fact. At Woolley & Co, we had around 50 per cent more enquiries by mid morning directly from our website than on any other day. 

Once the glitter and tinsel has settled on another Christmas, more people than at any other time reassess their relationships. That means more enquiries for family lawyers than at any other time of year.

You would think this is a good thing for us but it is, in fact, something terribly sad and not something that should be trumpeted.

I would much rather see this trend reversed. Divorce is not something to be celebrated but should be something we should do everything possible to avoid.

Isn’t it about time we gave couples pre-marital counseling to ensure they have it spelled out what marriage means, including the legal and financial implications? Or something like a compulsory cooling-off period before someone can go through with a divorce?

Hyping up a specific day to practically encourage people to go and see their family lawyer about a divorce doesn’t strike me as a constructive step.

Andrew Woolley
Woolley & Co specialist family lawyers


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