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Divorce your spouse or your internet connection?

A recent study has shown that, apparently, 41% of people would prefer to be without their spouse for a week than be without their internet connection for a week. Blimey!

1 in 5 said they'd be more upset if they lost their laptop than if they lost their partner! It seems that of the above 41%, 57% would find it very hard to be without Facebook and Twitter. (I declare an interest here as Woolley & Co have our own quite significant sections on Facebook and Twitter!)

Personally, I would think divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour much more likely if I increased my use of the internet at all. But it remains to be seen if someone starts a divorce on the basis that their spouse "hid their laptop" or "cut off their internet connection" so as to ensure more direct one to one time. We've had many more unusual divorce grounds than that, I can tell you!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce solicitor and occasional --but always reasonable--Twitter user.


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