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Family law and politics


Family law has suddenly, it seems, attracted the attention of all the political parties!

I will not bore you with their proposals for change (frankly, they don't add up to much except a lot of words) but these are some of mine:

  • require couples to have a course of information and counselling before marriage (e.g. "how to argue"!)
  • make prenuptial agreements clearly enforceable
  • make the automatic rule on divorce to be 50/50 unless there is a prenuptial saying otherwise
  • no fault divorce---register, then get one after 1 year
  • make grandparents rights clear
  • make big costs orders against those (often only 1 out of the 2 involved) who do not negotiate properly and cause a Court case

What would your proposals be?

Andrew Woolley
Family Solicitor

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