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How to Divorce and Keep the Children Happy

How to divorce is one thing and we cover that elsewhere. But how to divorce and keep the children happy is much harder.

Of course, there is a lot of emotion around. I stress that when I use the word "happy" it is meant to mean "relatively happy" as normally they won't be. But sometimes they can be relieved to be away from a daily angry atmosphere, waiting for the rows to start.

My top tips are these:

  • do tell the children what is happening
  • try not to blame the other, no matter how tempting
  • talk to the other parent about children issues and have a rule that these discussions are in a different atmosphere to any others
  • use a mediator
  • keep out of Court, it will double the anger and the legal costs
  • listen to your divorce lawyers advice, try not to hurt the other by using the children

It is possible to divorce and keep the children "happy".

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Lawyer


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