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How to Divorce quickly Insider Tips


How to divorce quickly, is often a concern for many of our clients. The so called "quickie divorce" often mentioned in newspaper reports about how celebrities get a divorce, is really just a urban myth. You don't get a divorce more quickly just by paying more or being well known! (Although I do hear that some really cheap divorce providers can sometimes cause a "slowy divorce").

But there are things that will mean that your divorce can go through more quickly. These are just a few Insider Tips:

  • Choose a lawyer who specialises in the field
  • Agree with your spouse who divorces who and why (grounds for divorce)
  • Respond quickly to all your lawyer's requests
  • Get your marriage certificate ready to give to your lawyer right at the start
  • Ask your lawyer which Court is being quickest at that moment. ***
  • Tell your lawyer that a specially quick divorce is important to you

***Apart from the obvious causes of delay such as your spouse disputing things, it is the Court system where most delays occur and within which neither you nor your lawyer can do much to speed things up. Lawyers will know which Courts are quicker from time to time as they do vary. Unfortunately, as one becomes quicker they get suggested more and more so become slower! But get your lawyer to help, as they should have inside knowledge and you can generally use any Court you like.

Follow the above simple tips and avoid a "slowy" divorce!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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