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“Most married woman” on lookout for new husband

Apparently a 68 year old American lady Linda Wolfe is on the look out for husband number 24. Understood to be the most married woman ever Linda claims men run after her and she likes being married because she gets lonely!
Well all I can say is anyone considering marrying someone with a history of serial divorce should take some precautions. If you’ve got money, property, pensions or other assets to consider do think carefully about a prenuptial agreement. In fact you might think twice about getting married in the first place!
On a more serious note it’s certainly true that divorce is on the rise amongst the older generation and very often they have much more to lose, in financial terms in a divorce settlement.
Divorce amongst the over 50s has been rising for a number of years now and with longer term financial as well as emotional ties it can sometimes be much more complex than divorce for younger people.

Andrew Woolley, family solicitor

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