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Parliament says “Divorce lawyers not paid enough”


OK, I don't expect you to agree. Nor do I, actually.  But the Justice Committee of the House of Commons report was looking at the rates paid to lawyers who handle publicly funded (used to be called "legal aid") family law work where the fees are way too low to, in general, attract the specialist divorce solicitors. I suppose this is the legal version of the loss of NHS dentists.

Now, we don't deal with legal aid cases and never have, mainly because our expertise is in answering questions such as these:

Preserving your wealth

Divorce and business

Pensions and divorce

By their nature these are not often issues that arise for someone who is entitled to legal aid. Even so, it is important to keep the cost of divorce down and these are top tips on how to do so.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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