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Politicians are really annoying

I read in The Times that politicians propose to require all divorcing couples to go to mediation. Madness.

The fashionable view amongst politicians (think back to all previous policies like this--are they not later proved to be totally wrong?) is that mediation is good and any other way of resolving disputes upon divorce is bad. They think there are too many Court cases.

I believe they have got it badly wrong for these reasons:

  • forcing people to mediate is not a good start to mediation!
  • most people divorcing are over 18 you know! They can make up their own minds and don't need a nanny state involved, thanks.
  • mediation works when it is appropriate
  • mediation which doesn't work just adds to delay and overall costs

But, why am I annoyed? Well, I have dealt with divorce for over 25 years. In my experience, about 10% of cases end up in Court as a disputed case. How do they think that the 90% of divorce cases don't go to Court? Why, cases are resolved by discussion and negotiation of course and have been for many years!

Really, can they just concentrate on doing something useful instead of just game saying their opponents. If I can remember that, maybe I won't be so annoyed!

I have Blogged before back in October about some simple things that politicians could do if they want to be genuinely helpful to married couples with problems.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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