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Put children first in divorce


Parents going through a divorce have been advised to put their children first as part of an awareness campaign for National Divorce Day.

ChildLine and NSPCC parenting portal Your Family is aiming to help parents guide their kids through a family break-up with as little impact as possible.

As divorce lawyers we know only too well how important it is that children have the changes which occur as a result of divorce explained to them and that they realise that it's not their fault.

Although it's difficult, when going through the emotional stress of a relationship breakdown, to stay calm and level headed, it can make all the difference to being able to agree mutually acceptable arrangements about who see's the children when (known as child contact) and which parent they live with (known as residence). 

A good divorce solicitor will encourage parents to try and agree the arrangements for the children between themselves - as getting the Courts involved can be when pressures really start to mount, along with costs.  If you struggle to sit down with your spouse and avoid heated arguments it's worth considering the help of an independent professional, maybe someone from Relate, or if you feel you need legal advice do contact a specialist divorce lawyer.

Andrew Woolley
Woolley & Co, family law specialists

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