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It has long been acknowledged that children are the biggest losers when parents divorce. Nothing can prepare them for everything they have known in terms of family life being torn apart and their worlds thrown up into the air.

I think most people would agree it is worse for younger children. They rely on their parents for everything so any change to domestic circumstances has a profound effect. As children grow older and become more independent and self-sufficient, their day to day lives may be less affected if their parents go their separate ways. However, that is not to say it cannot have a significant impact on them as well.

We were all kids once and that gives all of us an understanding of what they go through, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on memory and experience. It means that when we as adults are trying to help them come to terms with adversity, either as a parent or as a professional giving a professional service to those close to them, such as a family solicitor helping a family though a divorce, we do what we can to help.

That is why I am always so incredibly thankful for the extraordinary resources out there to help professionals and parents help children and young people in difficult times. It doesn’t need to be a divorce, it can be any number of different situations, but having experts or experienced voices steer us in a certain direction or give us insight into what is happening is invaluable.

As I have said in the past, as a responsible family law firm, I feel it is our duty not just to offer world class customer service and legal advice, but also to help where we can on wider issues. Sometimes this can just be pointing people towards other professionals or available resources.

The Parent Channel is just one of those resources. Wide ranging, relevant, well presented, and challenging, it is an invaluable resource. It was recommended to me recently and I would thoroughly recommend it to others.

Another worth noting that I have recently become aware of is Got A Teenager. The clue is in the name really. Teenagers can be a worry on so many fronts. Having a source of advice and forum to share experiences can be a great help. Another to which I was introduced some time ago and which I feel offers a fantastic service is, coupled with sister site Both are great supports for single parents.

Please pass on these links for me. The more families who are aware of them, the better. I am also interested to hear of any other sites offering advice for families and parents that I can add to my growing library of resources. Helping families is at the core of what we do, not just giving them legal advice.

Andrew Woolley
Family Solicitor


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