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Time to get trained to be allowed to get married?

Getting divorced is very, very difficult. Getting married is very, very easy. Is this the right way around?

We have pressed in the past for no fault divorce but I'd like to look at the other side of the equation.

Maybe now is the time to require all couples wanting to marry, to go through a course equipping them for that marriage? In my view, that course should include counselling on issues such as:

• what they each expect
• children?
• who gives up work when there are children?
• money
• how to resolve disputes

And a specialist divorce lawyer should give information on:

pre-nuptial agreements
• likely divorce financial settlements
costs of an unpleasant divorce

I do feel that a lot of couples, especially the younger ones perhaps, have no real idea of what marriage (and a divorce settlement) entails. The more we can do to reduce the pain and the cost of divorce, the better. If the pain is understood, it just might be worth trying harder to avoid it.

Andrew Woolley
Specialist divorce lawyer


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