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What makes a “good” divorce


Anybody going through a divorce surely wants it to be as "good" as possible? Obviously we tend to hear about "bad" divorces but that suggests there must be "good" ones!

I suspect a "good" divorce must refer more to feelings than financial settlements, divorce costs, who got what and so on.

But maybe where someone gets what they want as a divorce settlement, they'd tend to describe that as a "good" divorce?

I am sure there is more to it than that. What is it?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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When I got divorced, 5 years ago, all I was left with was feelings of anger and frustration. I was unable to take anything positive from the decision or the whole marriage.

So whilst I knew and accepted that the marriage could not go on, I found myself really not in a good place, emotionally.

Eventually this led me to getting a proper relationship education and realising just how little I knew before. It also enabled me to take responsibility for my part in the failed marriage, including my initial reasons for choosing my ex.

So for me, a good divorce is one that truly sets you free… free from anger, free from blame, free from resentment, free from a lack of responsibility and accountability, free from a dis-empowering lack of knowledge and the feeling of banging your head up against the proverbial brick wall.

Then you are truly free to move forward with you life, look back on your experience with gratitude, acceptance, learning, empowerment and responsibility….

By Andrew Nicholson on Tuesday July 21, 2009

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