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Why won’t lawyers (still) use e-mail?

So often we get many firms failing to use e-mail for discussions betwen us. Presumably they prefer their communication to take 2+ days to reach us than about 2 minutes? Over the length of a divorce I think that could make about a 2 month difference. Imagine that! I cannot see any benefit to the law firms in the delay.

In fairness, those firms such as mine who try to use normal, modern communication methods are not helped by the whole system we are working within (the Court system) making next to no use of email at all!

We even get these sorts of things happening often:

...a "snotty" letter about our sending them an e-mail but with their personal e-mail address in bold beneath their signature!

...a letter which in bold on the top says "By email, fax and letter"!!! AND it just says "Thank you for your email of XXX upon which we will take instructions"

How much is all this costing these firms and indeed their clients?

How can they afford this especially now?

What is the problem?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor and email user.


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