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Ease financial strains this Christmas

Regardless of the circumstances leading to a divorce, feelings invariably run high when the time comes to agree a financial settlement. Deciding how finances and assets should be split when a marriage dissolves is an emotive subject but can be made less stressful if other issues surrounding the relationship are put aside and an amicable agreement reached between both parties.

Family law experts, Woolley & Co are often called upon to dispense advice relating to the monetary cost of divorce and the best way to go about splitting joint finances. They have reported a spike in separations around the festive period and have launched a timely guide to property and finance in the event of divorce in a bid to dispel the myths surrounding one of the most complex aspect of marital breakdown.

Andrew Woolley, partner at the Stratford-Upon-Avon based family law firm, said, “Getting a divorce can be a highly stressful time as we know all too well here at Woolley & Co. We often get people coming to us with worries concerning what they will get out of the settlement, if they will lose their hard-earned money or if they will end up feeling disappointed. We often advise couples that if they still have an amicable relationship with their partner it may be possible to reach a financial settlement without appealing to the court for a decision.”

If you can keep emotions in check and come to an amicable agreement, both parties stand to save both time and money. The whole process can be quickly formalised by a specialist divorce lawyer who will draw up a Consent Order detailing the agreement you have made. Both parties sign this agreement and this is then sent to the court to be signed by a judge. Providing that the judge believes both parties have understood what they have signed and that the agreement is a reasonable one, it forms a legally binding document and means that no further financial claims can be bought by either party.

This arrangement avoids the need for costly, drawn out court battles which invariably inflame already bruised emotions and place a great strain on both parties.
Mr Woolley added, “All too often people are mislead by well meaning family and friends, who use their own experience or sometimes their own personal views in the case to dispense inaccurate advice and information. Anyone going through a relationship breakdown should take advice from a specialist family lawyer at the earliest opportunity and if they don’t feel quite ready of this they should at least consult the website of such a firm. Our website contains lots of articles in plain English which explain your rights under these circumstances.”

“Anyone still unclear can take advantage of our free half hour telephone appointment to discuss their particular circumstances.”

About Woolley & Co. Solicitors

Woolley & Co. Solicitors are family law specialists, operating throughout the UK. Their web site,, includes an extensive selection of articles covering every aspect of divorce as well as a free, downloadable in-depth guide to undergoing a divorce and overcoming any unseen complications that may arise.

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