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New Woolley & Co lawyer calls for no-fault divorce to be Government priority

Wednesday March 11, 2020 at 2:37 pm

New Woolley & Co Lawyer, Duxford, Fiona Spinks

Fiona Spinks, who recently joined Woolley & Co, Solicitors, believes the current necessity to find fault with a spouse in divorce papers enflames already difficult relations, leading to an angrier – and ultimately more costly – divorce.

So she is pushing for the long-mooted no-fault divorce to be introduced as soon as possible to take some of the sting out of family break-up.

Fiona said: “A no-fault divorce has to be the right thing. Yes, it will mean perhaps solicitors are needed less in the process, but we should not be afraid of that. We are professionals and are there to help those who need it and in the more complex cases. That is what we are trained for. We should not be afraid of change or that straightforward cases need less input from us.

“The role of the family law specialist is evolving. No-fault divorce is simply the right thing to do and it is high time this was pushed forward. It has been talked about for too long.”

Fiona has joined Woolley & Co, Solicitors, which has 23 partner-level lawyers across England, after a 10-year break from private practice. She has not been away from the law though, qualifying as a public notary and advising on quality and practice standards in the legal sector, helping it to move into the 21st Century.

She believes a lot though has changed in her time away and the fact that working to an amicable divorce is now the norm is a massive change for the better – but more still needs to be done to help families in crisis.

Fiona is based in Duxford, south of Cambridge, serving clients across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and north Essex.

It further strengthens Woolley & Co’s presence in the East Anglian region, where it was highly acclaimed in the latest edition of Legal 500, the go-to resource for those seeking experienced and professional lawyers in England and Wales.

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