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Reviews for Kimberley Bailey, Solicitor

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Thank you for your firms help and guidance, the service has been excellent & I have particularly appreciated Kimberley avoiding unnecessary expense. Under her guidance my ex has substantially moved in terms of settlement offered.

Email to managing partner

I won’t forget the day I first met Kimberley to discuss my divorce. My head was all over the place, I was confused and really didn’t know what to do. You put my mind at ease immediately and I left the meeting feeling 100% more confident and clear headed. If anyone ever thinks they want to try and save a bit of money and not use a family lawyer when things aren’t straight forward then they’re wrong. It helped me think straight and get on with the important things like keeping my job going, looking after my children, moving house and leaving the legal stuff to you. I felt like I was in good hands. My wife thought that she could dictate every aspect of our divorce and when she received the first corresponce from you it was like a shot across the bow. She knew I was in good hands and backed off. The divorce is now complete but the most important thing is that our children are really happy living between the two of us whilst we can move on with our lives. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.



The service I have received from kimberley Bailey is second to none. The information she has given me and the service is excellent to the point I have passed her details on to numerous people to have her self and your firm represent them in similar cases. I can not fault kimberleys services at all and I am very lucky to have someone so dedicated to represent me through my divorce.

Feedback from a client

Kimberley dealt with my case and she was excellent in every regard. From the outset she quickly grasped the details and gave very practical and relevant advice which enabled me to progress the matter efficiently. Her written response to the situation was also very thorough and provided clarity. In the course of time she was attentive to developments and checked in regularly with me to monitor progress. When the case hit a major stumbling block due to the incompetence of my wife’s solicitor she was immediately available to guide me through the next steps and options available to me. Her knowledge, experience and support really helped to overcome this issue and to give me hope that there was a resolution – and so it proved to be. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Nick Sansom, Google review

I would just like to thank Woolley & Co and especially Kimberley Bailey for helping me through my divorce. I love her non-confrontational approach, she empathised with my situation and was very knowledgeable and without her help and expertise I’m 100% sure I would not have got the outcome I eventually got. Woolley & Co, Kimberley is a huge asset to yourselves. Many thanks again, would highly highly recommend.



I would highly recommend Kimberley Bailey. She helped me through my Divorce at the end of a long marriage. her professional integrity is second to none and she was always available to deal with any queries and take me through the process at such a difficult time for myself & my family. Her empathy and understanding helped so much. I would not have got through the process without all the advice & care I received from her. As a Solicitor myself I would say she is one of the best.



Kimberley completely understood me and the nature of my opposition, consistently offering me strong legal advice, words of encouragement and moral support. I felt that Kimberley was fighting my corner at every point. Kimberley has always been extremely quick to respond to my emails or call. It is a huge comfort to know that your solicitor is not going to take a week to respond to your query!

Mrs Rajnee Takooree Jannoo

I was represented by Kimberley Bailey and I can honestly say that, I was provided an outstanding service and was reassured when needed. I would highly recommend her services and the firm to anyone. Thank you again


I have found your advice always lucid, re-assuring and highly knowledgeable. You can quote me on that!

AC, Teacher, Bristol

People should be aware of the excellent services you have provided. I truly appreciate everything.

David, Somerset

I love her non-confrontational approach, she empathised with my situation and was very knowledgeable and without her help and expertise I’m 100% sure I would not have got the outcome I eventually got.


I would highly recommend Kimberley Bailey. As a Solicitor myself I would say she is one of the best.


Thank you for all your work you’ve done for me. Great service at a reasonable honest price. Highly recommendable.

Wayne Short, Swansea

I am so grateful for all your help, advice and guidance – you have been absolutely brilliant! I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Ali Alway, Bridgwater

Very knowledgeable, I felt at ease and totally reassured…I had good sound advice when I needed it.

Kim, Dorset

Kimberley provided guidance in the right direction and encouragement – along with great expertise on the complexity of the legal side to the case.

Martha K, Germany

Kimberley Bailey is an excellent lawyer. I felt very confident with her ability and expertise, she is a strong person to have helping you but still shows compassion which is ideal for the job she does.

Lucy Lester, Bristol

I would have no hesitation in recommending both her professional and immense knowledge coupled with a caring and supportive approach.

J. Slocombe-Emery
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