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How much could it cost to reach an agreement?

The cost involved is going to be dependent on each particular circumstance and we would certainly give an estimate at the outset to the best of our abilities. The cost will vary dependent on what is involved and how quickly or otherwise an agreement can be reached. The cost can effectively start from zero if an agreement can be reached between you without the involvement of any lawyers and then will increase progressively thereafter. If matters can be resolved by negotiation and with the help of a lawyer, you realistically need to budget anything from around £400 probably to about £1,000. If that negotiation can’t produce an agreement and you need to perhaps consider another alternative which would be to attend mediation which is where both parties sit down with a third independent person who helps you to reach an agreement now the costs of that would really be dependent upon how many mediation sessions you needed to reach the agreement. But certainly it would still be more cost effective than Court proceedings. But if it does become necessary for you to have to make an application to the Court then you need to be budgeting realistically from £5,000 upwards and costs could be as high as £15,000 depending of course on the issues involved, but the fact is you need to be prepared for at least two or three Court attendances.

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