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Choosing a male or female divorce solicitor

Does it matter whether your lawyer is male or female?

Family law solicitor Tamara Glanvill answers a question we are commonly asked – ‘will I get a better result from a solicitor of the same or the opposite sex?’

Well it shouldn’t matter, but for some clients it does so, I have some male clients who want to use me because they think I will give them a female perspective and that I will have a better understanding of where their wife is coming from. I have some female clients who say they want a woman lawyer because they want somebody to empathise with them or to understand what their emotions are.

I can’t pretend that I know what they are going through, but I am a child of divorced parents myself, they divorced very well and so I do hope that whether my client is male or female, I will be able to guide them to a place where they can reach a solution together.

Woolley & Co has both male and female lawyers, all very experienced in dealing with divorce and family law challenges. Contact us on 0800 321 3832 and ask for the help you need.

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