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Advice for expats on divorcing in the UK

Divorce lawyer Kate Butler offers up some pointers for expats thinking of divorcing in the UK.

If you speak to a Woolley & Co lawyer, we’ll be able to help you whether you live outside the UK or your partner, or in fact even if both of you do. We can help you because we are able to speak to you over the telephone and give you some specialist advice very early on about whether it is a good idea for you to think about getting divorced in the UK even if you don’t live here and even whether it is actually possible for you to get divorced here.

A lot of the law around whether or not you can get divorced in the UK is based on where you actually live now. It can also be based on where you were born, or even where your partner originates from. We need to consider carefully with you the circumstances whereby you are living abroad, whether that is a permanent arrangement, whether you have still got links with the UK or whether you are likely to move back here at some point in the future. It is quite possible even for expat couples where both of you are living abroad, to still be able to get divorced under the Law of England & Wales. We will however always ask you to consider getting some more local advice from a lawyer in the place where you are living to see whether it is the best route for you or whether you would prefer to start your divorce in the country you are living in.

Your lawyer will consider with you carefully whether or not it makes sense for you to start proceedings in the UK if there is a risk that when we come to sorting the finances out, the Court won’t be able to deal with assets which are beyond their reach. As with all cases, the best way to resolve your financial matters is to try and reach an agreement, as if you are agreed on the terms between you then the Court does have the power to make an order. This is something that your lawyer can help guide you through in terms of how to get the best arrangement.

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