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I’m being denied access to my children

We are very often contacted by people that are being denied access to their children after a relationship breakdown. The first thing that any of the lawyers at Woolley & Co will do is explain to you what the legal position is and that it is the right of the child/children to have a good and meaningful relationship with both parents.

Once we’ve explained the legal position in terms of the shift and looking at the relationship from the views of the child, we then have a look to see if there’s any real reason why a child shouldn’t be having a relationship with both parents because, from a court’s perspective, it would be in very exceptional circumstances that any contact is minimised or stopped in any way.

So what do you do when you’re being denied contact to your child or children?

Well first of all, it is important to try and reach agreement with your ex-partner if you can do. But what if you can’t reach agreement?

Well, if you contact one of the lawyers here at Woolley & Co, firstly, we will try to see whether we can put together a well worded letter for you explaining what it is you want to achieve in relation to your children, why you think its important they have a relationship with you and perhaps point out the legal position in relation to your relationship with the children and and more often than not, that can help resolve the issue with your ex-partner. This can all be done as part of one of our detailed case assessments by telephone or email. If we are not able to help you reach agreement in that initial case assessment and contact with your ex-partner, we may advise you to approach them to try mediation. In the event that that isn’t possible then an application can be considered to the court for something called a Child Arrangements Order. Here at Woolley & Co, Solicitors we would only invite you to make an application for a Child Arrangements Order when it is absolutely necessary. We are prepared and able to give you detailed legal advice on such an application so please contact one of our lawyers to enable us to help you

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